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How To Roll-Out In Your Organization

Create Strategy

Senior management creates the change strategy (with a Meeting Strategist)
Determine the scope of the change: entire organization, or initially in one department or division

Prepare for Change

Establish “Guiding Coalition” (Who?)
One-on-one conversations with each
Meet a team to align
Partner with company IT (for game show, downloading podcasts, approach coach - email or IM)
Establish launch time frame


Communication of Change & Why

Convey tone of “Urgency” for change (per John Kotter)
Convey Change to everyone in the organization (or business unit)
Explore WIFM

Convey Knowledge

Everyone (who attends meetings) listens to audio files/podcasts outlining Sirius Meetings Approach
This puts the tools in everyone’s hands, not just the leaders, whichwill reduce resistance to the change and promote responsibly andaccountability
Apply “Neuroscience of Change" principles in gaining insights from employees

Test Knowledge

Teams will be chosen (by drawing) to compete on a company game show (with prize)
Content of game show questions will be from Sirius Approach information on podcasts.
Company wide webcast Sirius Meetings Game Show

Train Meeting Leaders:

Experiential Classroom Training: How to lead meetings with new Sirius Approach
The two-day training will be 1-day sessions, a week apart.
(Since it is difficult for most managers to be away from their work for two days in one week)
Establish Peer Coaching partnerships & feedback protocol in training

Full Implementation Date

Roll out this new approach in all meetings throughout your business unit on scheduled date

Peer Coaching

Each meeting leader will sit in on 4 hours of their peer coach’smeetings and provide post immediate post-meeting feedback andcoaching using a specific coaching method.
This will reinforce thenew approach; learnings from training, further develop skill, anchor itin the culture, increase meetings observation savvy, and promoteresponsibility.

Post Roll-out

The Approach Coach

The “Approach Coach” is available online or via phone daily forquestions on meetings & how to use the approach from anyone inyour company. (Like "Tech support” for any aspect of meetings)

Sirius Meetings Website resources include:

The Meeting Maven – She is a meeting strategist and coach

“Ask the Meeting Maven” meeting advice column & searchable archive
Post new questions for “The Maven” at the website

Meeting Tips and Pod-casts – new information updated frequently on website

Individual Coaching is available for:

Meeting Leaders who need some specific development in facilitation & presenting
People who are identified as having “challenging behaviors” in meetings