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how to  What is the Sirius Meeting Approach?

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The Sirius Meeting Approach is an easy-to-learn method to cut down time by 25-30% in all meetings throughout your organization.

It assures success from creating an across-the-board organizational change in meeting habits and structure:

  1. Focus meetings on results & deliverables
  2. Use "time tools" to keep conversations on track
  3. Provide procedures & roles to engage everyone on meeting efficiency
  4. Cut through unnecessary clutter to get back to other work sooner
  5. Call or IM on-line Approach Coach for meeting “tech support”
The technologically savvy Sirius Approach:
    Uses webcast game shows to motivate people to learn the approach
    Teaches method with podcasts (cost effective way to train everyone) 
    Sets your people up as peer coaches for each other to develop competency
    "Approach Coach" your employees can call or IM for questions & coaching
    Incorporates Neuroscience breakthroughs to reduce employee resistance

Components of the Sirius Meeting Approach

New structure for meetings and agendas

Change all meetings with organizational change

Uses John Kotter's (Harvard) model of change to implement

Reduce resistance with new understandings of “Neuroscience of change”

Responsibility & Accountability – everyone is responsible for making meetings more efficient

Pre-meeting planning

Clear meeting purpose & goals

Outcome Focused Agendas

Every agenda item is written in outcome-focused format.
Each agenda item has a deliverable specified
Each agenda item has a time frame that is adhered to.

All meetings start on time

Timed guest invitations

Release meeting “captives”

Teach everyone approach with Podcasts: Efficiently put knowledge in everyone’s hands

Employees motivated to learn method for company game show

Meeting leaders trained on leading with this new method

Roll out the Approach in all meetings on the same date

Tools for decision making & problem solving

Use Roles

Primary Facilitator
Secondary Facilitator
DALI Logger
Big Ben
Tech Wizard

DALI Log - not minutes

Use Meetings for Teambuilding

Team agreements
Personal & Team Goals
Team Goals should align with company business goals
Team & Self-evaluation – Set performance goals

Feedback & Coaching

Peer coaching promotes meeting savvy, integration & skill development
Meeting Feedback Mechanisms
Online Sirius Approach Coach = ongoing “meeting tech support”

Anchor in the Culture

Deploy in all meetings (virtual and face-to-face)      
“Guiding coalition” models
Rotating roles
Coaching from Approach Coach